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Duo Capricci
Ida Höög (recorder)
Jérôme Brodin (harpsichord)

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Ida Höög

Ida Hoog

Ida first met the recorder in school, in group lessons as has been the case for so many others. After two years, she quit, but a few years later the yearning for the recorder became too strong to resist... After graduating from school Ida studied at Ingesunds folkhögskola, following a music preparation course with recorder teacher Anna Wallin. Then followed Malmö Academy of Music with Cecilia Kjelldén. The fourth year Ida spent in Utrecht as an exchange student, studying with Heiko ter Schegget. During the fifth and final year in Malmö she traveled regurlarly to Utrecht for private lessons with ter Schegget. Ida graduated in 2008. During her time at Ingesund, Ida formed the medieval music ensemble Ambrosia with three co-students. Since then, Ambrosia has done some 70 concerts and, in 2010 and 2011, played in a theatrical play about the Swedish 13th century ruler Birger Jarl, written and directed by Anders Järleby. More and more, the contemporary music has become an important part of Ida's repertoire. She has cooperated with a number of composers and made about 20 first performances so far. Since spring 2011 she is the chair person of C-Y ContemporarY, an association of contemporary music and sound art in Malmö. Autumn 2012 Ida will make a tour with new pieces for recorder and piano, with pianist Anna Christensson. The pieces have been comissioned with funds from the Swedish art council. Apart from this, Ida has worked as a recorder teacher in music schools. She also makes solo performances, often with a program called "Inre Landskap", Inner Landscapes, with her own poetry holding together music from the middle ages, the baroque and our own era. (read more)

Jérôme Brodin

Jérôme Brodin

At 8 years of age Jérôme BRODIN met the harpsichord for the first time. He came across this peculiar instrument, by chance, at the music school of his home town (Compiègne, France) and immediately fell in love with it. The same year, he was accepted to the class of Sylvie Pécot-Douatte with whom he studied harpsichord until he was 16 years old. Having moved to Bretagne, he entered the harpsichord class of Pascal Dubreuil at the Conservatoire of Rennes where, for 5 years, he studied solo harpsichord, basso continuo and chamber music. In parallel, he followed a musicology bachelor degree in the University of Rennes and graduated in 2005. During this period, he taught harpsichord in music schools as well as privately.

In 2007, he left France to continue his study in the Netherlands. He was accepted to the harpsichord class of Siebe Henstra, at the Conservatoire of Utrecht where he graduated with a bachelor degree in 2009 and a master degree in 2011.

Jérôme performs regularly with various ensembles (Camerata Ardesko, No Sopro Do Vento, Fiori di Folia etc). In 2008 and 2009, he took part in the Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht with the ensemble La Chromosfera. Together with recorder player Ida Höög he is a member of Duo Capricci which performs every summer in Sweden. Recently, he participated in the creation of the ensemble La Chambre Du Roi, coached by the violinist Sigiswald Kuijken. This ensemble is dedicated to the interpretation of the French music, especially the French cantatas of the 18th century. Jérôme also performs as a soloist in France and in the Netherlands.

Next to his engagement as harpsichordist, Jérôme is the drummer and founder member of the rock band Theos which performs frequently in France. With this band, he recorded and released in April 2010 a second disk under the label Rejoyce. (read more)